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  • They sure took on class when they got meat to get outside of; but it goes against the grain feedin 'dog-critters on grub that's worth two and


  • It ain't your harnessin 'for yourself an' feedin 'the pigs, an' my not comin 'Saturday night, but it's seein' you wheelin 'that great thing all alone.

    Meadow Grass Tales of New England Life

  • You're all time pettin '' im an 'feedin' 'im -- hateful old thing -- tell he thinks he's got ter go ev'rywhere we go.

    Diddi, Dumps, and Tot

  • What sort of religion is in the hearts of these, "(she pursed her lips, and paused for an expressive word, but found none)," these rich folk in their silks and satins and broadcloth, with more than they can use, an 'feedin' their pampered cats and dogs on what would be wealth to the likes o 'me!

    Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished A Tale of City Arab Life and Adventure

  • "I never could get over a tendency to a rough-and-ready sort o 'feedin'.

    Post Haste

  • Can't you understand that the love of God in the heart makes men and women wish to try to keep God's commandments by bein 'kind to one another, an' considering the poor, an 'feedin' the hungry, an 'clothin' the naked? "

    The Lively Poll A Tale of the North Sea

  • I don't understand these so called animal rights peaple and their extreme b.s. They must all live in the city in the same apartment complex feedin the rats and roaches because trapping the disease ridden critters is inhumane.

    Anti-Deer-Hunting Billboard Goes Up in Kansas City

  • They got forty of 'em, feedin ''em in a hotel in Stockton right now, an' ready to rush 'em in on us an 'hundreds more like' em.


  • Mami said that he found it easier to eat the bugs that we fed 'im than for 'im to find 'em on his own, an' that if'n we stopped feedin' 'im, he'd eventually go away.

    The Celebrated Jumping Flippit of Tau-Ceti IV

  • I guess us feedin' 'im bugs kinda got 'im used to us an' all.

    The Celebrated Jumping Flippit of Tau-Ceti IV


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