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  • adv. Eye dialect spelling of here.
  • adj. Eye dialect spelling of here.


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  • "He said I could help mothah and Papa Jack, both of 'em, by stayin 'heah, an' I'll do it."

    The Little Colonel

  • In the immortal words of Billy Joe Bob …. ’its awful damn quiet in heah!’

    Waldo Jaquith - MZM’s bioterrorism contract.

  • ` Meet me in Washin'ton, deah creecher, an 'heah's a hundred dollahs - do not fail me!'

    Flashman and the angel of the lord

  • I don't want t 'heah 'bout no battles, murder an' sudden deaths.

    The Diamond Cross Mystery Being a Somewhat Different Detective Story

  • We decided dat we would make a start, an 'now I's proud to tell you dat I's not only got a bank account, but I's got two bank accounts, an' heah's de bank books (proudly holding on high two grimy bank books); I also own two hun'ed acres of land an 'all de land is paid for.

    Booker T. Washington Builder of A Civilization

  • I fixed a doh to the cellar an 'heah's de key to de padlock.'

    The Blue Birds' Winter Nest

  • "I been livin 'heah 'bout sixty years, I reckon, an' I never seen nobody like dem eat at de table an 'sleep in de beds in dis house befo'."

    Gordon Keith

  • Stannin 'out dah foolin' 'long wid dat low trash, an 'heah's de barber offn de "Gran' Turk "wants to conwerse wid you! '

    Life on the Mississippi

  • "Boy in de 'partment room whut gobbles lak a turkey says,' Press de clo'es, boy, an 'heah's a dollah.'

    Lady Luck

  • "_He_ sinks sare can two answehs be, and he like to heah which is se answeh I shall gif him, so he shall know if he shall come -- now -- aw if he shall come -- neveh.

    Strong Hearts


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