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  • adv. here
  • v. hear


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  • Dat's right, Miss Euginny, yo 'hyar's des es dry es I kin git it. "

    The Voice of the People

  • "An 'hyar's the track o' the mare -- the yeller mustang as war rid by the saynorita.

    The Lone Ranche

  • An 'hyar's another o' the same, as they say in the Psalms o 'Davit. "

    The Lone Ranche

  • Howsumever they cain't cum t 'Bent's no more, cuz tain't hyar.


  • "We all got a say hyar, jest as much as any high-an'-mighty lime-juice sailor-oh, beg pardon, Captain Comber!"


  • "Richey hyar sez he's onsartin if you'll make a wagon-captain."


  • Readers of frontier travellers such as Ruxton, Marcy, Garrard, and Parkman, and of contemporary novelists like Mayne Reid and Ballantyne, will be familiar with the dialect; apart from its many cant phrases, it had its peculiarities of pronunciation-principally the reduction of the "ai" and "ee" vowels to "ah", as in bar (bear), thar (there) hyar (here), and har (hair).


  • Anyhow, bite off a chaw o' tabaccy, have a sip o' some of this hyar corn likker, dig inta some of maw's possum pie, and enjoy some good old fashioned, down-home HILLBILLY COMICS:

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Or maybe just maybe he'll demand the State Legislature strike down that false invasive 1913 anti-miscegenation statute, the one that prevents out of state gay couples from gettin' hitched hyar?

    The Chimes at Midnight

  • Recently, he floated a bill before Congress that would–get this, folks–make blogs just like this hyar! circus equivalent to ISPs and hold them responsible for all activity in their comments sections and user profiles!

    Think Progress » John McCain’s War On Blogs


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