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  • n. Alternative spelling of fire hose.
  • v. To wash something down with a firehose; to douse with a large amount of water (or chemical agent) sprayed from a hose, to extinguish a fire.


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  • Google says will satisfy many developers, access to the full Google Buzz stream of all public activities on Buzz -- commonly dubbed the "firehose" -- can be gained by developers.

  • When the firehose is turned off, it’s a good time to clean up and sandbag your file space against the next onslaught.

    What You Should Do When Your Internet’s Out | Lifehacker Australia

  • A snapshot, which is also known as a firehose cursor, fetches all of the data immediately, so it can take longer to load large result sets.

    Site Home

  • Today, Google has announced the launch of the Google Buzz firehose, which will give developers access to all public activity published on Buzz via a single feed with real-time PubSubHubBub syndication. said the firehose was their most-requested features from developers.

    Original Signal - The best of Web 2.0

  • But access to the full breadth of Twitter content as it's published -- dubbed the firehose -- was quite the lucrative catch for Twitter: valued in the millions for access to Twitter content as it is published, and other partners have struck smaller deals.


  • The firehose is a stream HTTP solution; a client connects to it and the stream begins, ceasing only when the client disconnects.


  • The firehose is the full stream of our data that has been blocked from its contributors since May, 2008.


  • 'firehose' - a syndicated feed - for which they paid millions of dollars.

    getreading - Reading Post - RSS feed

  • "firehose" - an index of all 65 million tweets that are posted to the service daily - and will be offering Jive software through the

    GigaOM Network

  • I thought it was a pink hippo with a ermmm "firehose" sticking out of it's head.

    Year of the Tongue?


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