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  • n. The act of flaming out or burning out; extinguishing.
  • n. The act of quitting or failing, especially due to overwork, or in a dramatic manner.

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  • n. the failure of a jet engine caused by an interruption of the fuel supply or by faulty combustion
  • n. a complete or conspicuous failure


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  • That's fine so long as Hal is struggling with the turgid Oedipal issues that cause a temporary flame-out in his psyche.

    'Buck': Champion Tale of a Horse Guru

  • If there's a benefit to Adams seemingly endless flame-out it's that it will give everybody time to come to a consensus, to prevent his legacy from being one of continued division, resentment and angry conflict.

    Tick, tick, tick (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • About 37.6 million people watched Sunday's Academy Awards, at which there were no surprises, and fashion faux pas, but which had people all a 'twitter the next day, owing to the epic flame-out of show co-host James Franco.

    James Franco and Anne Hathaway don't help Oscar ratings

  • * Governor Walker's fireside chat was a big flame-out: Dave Weigel finds signs in Walker's speech last night that he was subtly conceding some turf to unions and Dems, because his big threat of layoffs wouldn't occur until June, giving Dems plenty of time to continue mobilizing.

    The Morning Plum

  • If this decline proves more than a seasonal quirk, it points to a pickup in job growth next year that could help avoid another consumer flame-out.

    Labor Market's Ignition Is Key to Liftoff

  • I wasn't surprised by Herman Cain's quick flame-out, and he was never going to maintain that popularity.

    Turnstyle: [Interview] In Search of The Real Americans: An Interview with Actor Dan Hoyle

  • That is, of course, unless he craps the bed against the Lakers on Friday night, prompting a demotion to the bench, and an eventual flame-out of the league altogether.

    Chi Tung: Linsanity: The Point God of Sports Memes

  • Obama has NO political cover on that fiscal flame-out … due to the paucity of GOP collaborators, he owns it.

    The 2010 RedState predictions thread. - Moe_Lane’s blog - RedState

  • I'm not claiming it was easy, but I pride myself on my physical strength, problem-solving abilities, and a certain can-do attitude that's served me well over the years -- well, at least it used to before the, you know, flame-out.

    Saying Something

  • From former CEO Carly Fiorina 's spectacular flame-out, and former chairwoman Patricia Dunn 's illegal spying scandal, to Mr. Hurd's alleged sex scandal that apparently didn't involve any sex at all, this sort of dysfunction has become "the H-P Way."

    H-P's One-Year Plan


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