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  • n. Plural form of fleck.


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  • It is not necessary to skin the nuts before processing them if you start with whole hazelnuts, as you will not be able to see the brown flecks from the hazelnut skin in the chocolate cookies.

    Baking Bites » Print » Nutella Macarons

  • The sunlight falling in flecks through the network of locust boughs deepened the sense of unreality with which he watched her.

    The Miller of Old Church

  • Soren resists and is forced to pick apart pellets for mysterious magnetic particles called "flecks" - until he manages to escape with Gylfie (

    Arizona Reporter Newswire |

  • 'If you go down to things such as flecks of paint there are probably more than a million, and at the very high velocities (7-8km per second) and speeds you're travelling at in orbit, even something such as a small screw can have a significant amount of kinetic energy.

    The Engineer - News

  • Not only that, but the sail will also act like a handkerchief, mopping up microscopic orbital detritus such as flecks of paint from previous launches.

    The Economist: Correspondent's diary

  • Kludd agrees to cooperate and become a brainwashed warrior for Metal Beak, while Soren resists and is put to work gathering strange metal "flecks" from owl droppings, which harbor some sort of unspecified magical energy that the bad guys seek to weaponize.

    Japan News latest RSS headlines - The Japan News.Net

  • I'm seven years younger than Obama and have a far less stressful job than he does, but I can attest to the fact that "flecks" of gray have been showing up, slowly but surely, for at least two years now.

    Waldo's Virginia Political Blogroll

  • When the tape was unwrapped, Richardson pointed out two pads inside one of the hand wraps that appeared wet and laced with "flecks" of a substance that appeared to be like "Plaster of Paris,"

    Top Stories - Google News

  • "In his face he has always been well-coloured ... the eyes might be called small rather than large, of the colour of horn, but variable with 'flecks' of yellow and blue.

    The Appetite of Tyranny Including Letters to an Old Garibaldian

  • “Look at that cool turquoise eye shadow with the gold flecks,” she said, turning from Cheryl's swimsuit layout to an article called “Making Him Notice You in a Crowd.”

    Myrtle Beach Daze


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