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  • n. Plural form of exec.


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  • Cornyn credits Sinatra with getting cold feet at the last minute, but based on my research (go here if you're curious), it seems more like the machinations of the label execs, who doubted the album's commercial potential.

    Tony Sachs: Forty Years On, Frank Sinatra's Great Lost Album Finally Surfaces

  • Supposedly, the label execs heard the finished product and hated it so much that they decided to never release it.

    Style Master Generals AKA The Originators (The Emcee Edition) Part 4 Of 4

  • She died her hair, started dressing "punky" and to her dismay her dad and her label execs went along with it and exploited it.

    Ashlee Simpson Takes ‘SNL’ Lip Sync Blame

  • They regard the artists as only something to be exploited as much as possible and paid as little as possible, or better yet paid nothing while the label execs continue to jet around in their private jets, eat at 5 star restaurants, spend money on hookers and drugs, and live the 'high' life. by Anonymous Coward - Jan 26th, 2009 @ 5: 01am


  • Jobs is simply cooperating with the inevitable and he, unlike the label execs, knows what is inevitable.

    Inside Music Media

  • When I worked in the music promo industry, I had some label execs tell me that in the early stages of a campaign for a new artist, as much as 90% of the online discussion for an act was generated by people who were being paid either directly or indirectly through freebies and promos to talk about the music.

    buying into blogs - Anil Dash

  • The original proposal for a full blown ratings system was opposed by Frank Zappa and by a group I organized of managers, agents, PR people, artists and some label execs called The

    NPR Topics: News

  • Some label execs are questioning the value of offering the public music free of charge.


  • You occasionally hear anonymous label execs gripe about the low returns on streaming services, at least in comparison to the margins they used to enjoy for physical product.


  • Her label execs have confirmed that her record will be released on December 1, 2008 … to coincide with Britney's 27th birthday the next day.

    L.A. Rag Mag


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