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  • adj. Variant of fetid.

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  • adj. Alternative spelling of fetid.

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  • adj. offensively malodorous


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  • Uses "foetid," spelling from the wrong branch of English, and I don't know why he lets this fog into the text.

    dbqp: visualizing poetics

  • This mode of clarifying rids the spirit of any unpleasant flavour received in the process of distillation or from bad materials, and moreover, from all those vicious, poisonous properties contracted in the still or worm from copper; such as foetid oil from the malt, which frequently unites with the verdigris, and combines so effectually with whiskey, that it may possible require a frequent repetition of this mode of clarifying, to rid it completely of any unpleasant taste or property contracted as above stated.

    The Practical Distiller An Introduction To Making Whiskey, Gin, Brandy, Spirits, &c. &c. of Better Quality, and in Larger Quantities, than Produced by the Present Mode of Distilling, from the Produce of the United States

  • It will be recalled that Margaret Thatcher, who in her early years, despite being a very great person, fell for all the EU guff and imagined herself to have influence 'at the heart of Europe', negotiated a substantial and apparently permanent rebate in the vast payments that were being made to the EU so that it might sustain, for example, goat farmers in Greece in foetid cheese.

    To Nobody's Surprise

  • They are also responsible for the foetid crime they laughably call "extra-ordinary rendition," and torture, through Suleman and Mubarak on Egyptian soil which occurred without the cowed populace even knowing.

    Egypt: After the revolution, the ballot box | Observer editorial

  • But enough TV trivia - let us move on to the strange, dark, foetid place where Louis Met The Hamiltons, in which there was no swearing but a great deal of lewd behaviour.

    frederick william jackson

  • Soprano Measha Brueggergosman is placed so close to the microphones that you're far more conscious of the pulse in her tone than of her fine way with the foetid imagery of the text.

    Wagner: Wesendonck-Lieder: Overtures and Preludes, etc

  • Walcott is a prime contender to help the team emerge from the foetid swamp of their recent displays.

    Still glad you left Theo Walcott behind then Mr Capello?

  • They were sprawling on the bench seats, fast asleep; I stood there swaying in the foetid, reeking air, fumbling to light the lamp that hangs upon the bulkhead.

    Movie Night

  • No one gave me a second glance, so I followed the Yawner's example and stripped, and then we crawled inside, one after the other, into the most foetid, suffocating heat I'd ever experienced.


  • He had dreamt he was back in the mortuary, but it had been very hot and the air thick with the foetid stink of freshly opened stomachs.

    Neurosurgical Intervention For Beginners


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