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  • n. The paw of an animal's foreleg.

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  • n. either of the paws of an animal's foreleg; analogous to the hand in humans

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  • n. front paw; analogous to the human hand


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  • He squirmed and struggled, dabbing at the air with the injured as well as the uninjured forepaw and increasing his pain.


  • She tried to force the forepaw inside—but too stiff.


  • Within moments, all that was visible was his head, one forepaw, and a wing.


  • "Close Home," Ruumahum muttered that evening, pausing to send a thick curving tongue out to groom the back of a forepaw.


  • The furcot merely bunked, yawned, and started preening itself with a forepaw.


  • He morphed to cat shape, pulled his forepaw free, and ran.


  • She dropped down again to all fours, and with her nose sought out one who had tumbled a little further and was beginning to overcome his bewilderment and to test his new environment with a forepaw, and nosed him back with the others and pushed them all to the back of the cave, their little furry bodies huddled tight against one another.

    Hunting the Thylacine

  • A sudden swipe of her short, powerful forepaw stretched an opening in the wire, and her head darted in and her jaws snapped through the back of a sleeping hen so swiftly it barely had a chance to squawk.

    Hunting the Thylacine

  • Most Hemmingways only have fives toes on each forepaw, making them look like they have thumbs.

    thumb war champion - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • He glanced into the darkening backyard, where his yellow dog, Claude, sat placidly with a forepaw planted on the back of a large toad.

    The Safe


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