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  • adj. Nautical Of, relating to, or being the mast directly above the foremast.

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  • adj. Designating the mast, sail, yard, etc., above the topmast.


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fore- +‎ topgallant


  • These braces come down to the ship's sides, or to the heads of the masts fore and aft of those on which the yard is swung; all the mizzen-braces working on the mainmast; the maintopgallant, mainroyal and skysail braces working on the mizzenmast; and the foretopgallant and foreroyal braces working on the mainmast, as is clearly shown in our illustration.

    Golden Days for Boys and Girls, Vol. XIII, Nov. 28, 1891

  • Thus the forestay comes from the foremast-head to the bows; the foretopmast-stay from the foretopmast-head to the bowsprit-head; the foretopgallant-stay from the foretopgallant-rigging to the jibboom-head; and the foreroyal-stay from the top of the royal mast to the end of the flying-jibboom.

    Golden Days for Boys and Girls, Vol. XIII, Nov. 28, 1891

  • From the bowsprit-head to the vessel's cutwater runs the bobstay, generally of chain, which takes the pull of the foretopmast-stay; and from the bowsprit-head there hangs the spar known as the dolphin-striker, to give the purchase for continuing the pull of the foretopgallant and foreroyal stays round to the cutwater; so that really all the staying starts from the hull, as does the backstay-staying.

    Golden Days for Boys and Girls, Vol. XIII, Nov. 28, 1891

  • Presently a collier named the Fanny, with her foretopgallant-yard gone, passed us.

    Heroes of the Goodwin Sands

  • A terrific storm was experienced off the west coast of Ireland, in which the foretopgallant mast and jibboom were carried away.

    Young Lion of the Woods A Story of Early Colonial Days

  • The truck of the foretopgallant mast was likewise shot away.

    The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders

  • Our ship lay anchored off Curaçoa, and one morning whilst hoisting the foretopgallant mast, the mast 'rope entwined round the foot of a seaman, causing him to fall from the topsail yard to the topgallant forecastle.

    From Lower Deck to Pulpit

  • From it the _Janus_ was the chief sufferer, losing her mizzen topmast and foretopgallant mast.

    The Major Operations of the Navies in the War of American Independence

  • Until the morning when a high-pitched yell from the foretopgallant masthead attracted the attention of everybody on deck, including Hornblower, standing lonely in the waist.

    Mr. Midshipman Easy

  • Antonio had been so intent on hooking the Carthagenian, that the sloop was nearly up to him before he hove about and gave up the chase; and now the tables were beautifully turned on him, for the Seaflower's shot was flying over and over him in whole broadsides, and he must have been taken, when, crack, away went the sloop's foretopgallant mast, which gave the rogue a start.

    Tom Cringle's Log


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