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  • n. A compound, such as a salt or an ester of formic acid, that contains the HCOO- radical.

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  • n. Any salt or ester of formic acid.
  • v. To assemble flying aircraft into formation; to fly in formation.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A salt of formic acid.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A salt formed by the union of formic acid with a base. Also called formiate.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

form(ic acid) + -ate2.


  • While reading the post I found it to be sophisticated and logical, pretty in formate, presentable, AND nevertheless outstanding in content.

    Why girl shouldn't have same dress that other girl has

  • It is usually converted to a non-toxic chemical called formate, which is excreted in the urine.

    Public Health Statement for Formaldehyde

  • Actually, astronomers who were recently sifting through thousands of signals from Sagittarius B2, a big dust cloud at the center of our galaxy, found a substance there called ethyl formate, which is the chemical responsible for the flavor of raspberries, and the smell of rum, the drink popular with pirates.

    The Gates

  • Bradley suggests that Lost City produces "small organic acids such as formate and acetate" and that similar vents might have produced "simple organic acids" and "even more complex fatty acids" or "at least simple organic compounds."

    Scientific American

  • Although you could argue that at the time the system was launched, the UMD was the only formate that could provide all the space a developer would need to take advantage of the systems capabilities since memory at the time was so expensive.

    Bleep Bleep, Bloop Bloop. Video Games. « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more

  • Methanol, which forms 10 % of the broken down product, is converted in your body to formate, which can either be excreted or can give rise to formaldehyde, diketopiperazine (a carcinogen) and a number of other highly toxic derivatives.

    Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Deadly Neurotoxin Nearly EVERYONE Uses Daily (VIDEO)

  • You whole formate is 30 second sound bites between marketing as you use shock and awe to to hold an audience.

    Talk Radio: How powerful is it?

  • Absorbed formaldehyde can be oxidized to formate and carbon dioxide or can be incorporated into biologic macromolecules.


  • I do like the trade paperback formate because I like the font size, but I'm not usually willing to pay more for it.

    POLL RESULTS: The High Cost of Reading

  • There are organics in ice like formate and formaldehyde that can enter into these reactions by producing hydrogen atoms, for example.

    Unthreaded #6 « Climate Audit


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