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  • Meanwhile, each year in Strawberry Fields, well over one million New Yorkers and their worldwide visitors continue revealing how successful memorial design can transcend the precise formulative subject with a destination of mutable meaning that in turn sustains the founding impulse.

    Paul Gunther: How Will We Remember Ground Zero? Strawberry Fields Shows the Vital Importance of Good Design

  • But they have to reach a point where the government, such as it is and it's still in the formulative stage and we hope we will have some additional Sunni participation and the Sunnis have to decide they're going to perish or participate.

    CNN Transcript Jun 5, 2005

  • The first part, we are still very much in the formulative stages and the assessment stage and the planning between the U.S.

    CNN Transcript Feb 27, 2002

  • This chapter presents what we learned about the social environment and formulative events of the thirty-six murderers we studied.

    Sexual Homicide

  • For a long time, he and others had suspected the PRC of having a crash atomic program, though everyone believed it had to be formulative and at least ten years from fruition.

    Noble House

  • It was also obvious that it was a very novel experience for the Justices as well to be asked their opinions of the administration and formulative processes of British corporate law, especially by politicians, and I gained the opinion that the type of questions we were asking had probably never before been asked and certainly not by any British parliamentary group.

    Mini Shareholders and Dummy Directors

  • In the beginning, their sensations were crudely formulative.

    The Genius

  • The first form is purely spiritual and invisible, and is the formulative and transforming period of the human church state.

    Autobiography, sermons, addresses, and essays of Bishop L. H. Holsey, D. D.,

  • I never felt, for example, that I was remaking society, but I felt that my work demonstrated a kind of intellectual atmosphere of the most formulative, creative part of my life, my early twenties.

    Superfluities Redux

  • We wanted it to develop, and we don't really believe that there's ever one formulative experience that defines someone's existence.

    Premium Hollywood - Entertainment blog, Hollywood blog, movie blog, TV blog


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  • We may define a formulative hypothesis as follows : A structure, the essential parts of which are assumed facts or connections of facts more or less inconsistent with known facts, used in formulating other known facts. It achieves this by virtue of certain logical and formal correspondences which exist between its abstract qualities and those of the facts it is employed to explain. The verification of the assumed facts is not in question, since their inverity is one of the premises, but that of the relations between the ascertained facts which emerge, is the step to which the making of the hypothesis was only a preliminary. This sort of hypothesis, therefore, is a sort of formula, or has the properties of a formula.

    --Alexander Smith, 1907, Introduction to General Inorganic Chemistry‎, p. 142

    May 10, 2009

  • Could it be from the similarity to formative? This seems to mean something very similar.

    May 10, 2009

  • Is formulative a generative word? It’s not really listed anywhere...

    BTW, by generative I mean a word that mimics other similar word construction patterns. (I don’t know the buzzword for that!)

    My estimation is that it could be equal to “formulaic�? but I’ve used this word in my writing to suggest something else: i.e, describe an effort to systematize.

    May 10, 2009