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  • n. The cardinal number immediately following forty and preceding forty-two.

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  • adj. being one more than forty


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  • There follows another age, called forty-one, then forty-two and each one comes round quicker than the last.

    What's Going On

  • As of 1950, fellatio—even when practiced by a married couple—was a felony in all forty-eight states, and cunnilingus was a felony in forty-one.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • By the mid-1930s, forty-one states prohibited marriage among the “feebleminded” and insane, and thirty allowed eugenic sterilization.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • It meant that when a minority wanted to sustain a filibuster, they would have to muster forty-one votes instead of just thirty-four.

    The Good Fight

  • Columnist James Reston noted that forty-one of the forty-eight paragraphs in the speech were devoted to foreign affairs.

    Eisenhower 1956

  • A new two-volume reference work on “the most severe civil wars since World War II” has forty-one entries running from Afghanistan and Algeria to Yemen and Zimbabwe.17 Over the last fifty years the number of casualties in intrastate conflicts is roughly five times more than that of interstate wars.


  • I think about Ahab on his ship, pacing the quarterdeck, possessed by and obsessed with the white whale; I think of Ishmael, in chapter forty-one, the white whale lurking in the depths, as he attempts to understand his complicated captain and his quest.

    History of a Suicide

  • Exactly one month later, on July 28, four masked Chechens seized a bus with forty-one passengers near Pyatigorsk, demanding $15 million and a helicopter.

    The Return

  • All forty-one hostage takers were executed by the Russian troops that stormed the building, and 129 hostages died, almost all killed by the anesthetic gas piped in to incapacitate the terrorists see Chapter 3.

    The Return

  • Hawaii-born, Hawaii-prominent, who, despite his youthful forty-one years, had declined the proffered governorship of the Territory.



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