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  • n. The cardinal number immediately following ninety-three and preceding ninety-five.

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  • adj. being four more than ninety


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  • When President Reagan had decided in 1983 that some American students might be in danger on the island of Grenada, U.S. forces had invaded the country to “rescue” them, killing ninety-four soldiers and civilians.

    The Return

  • During my long life I will be ninety-four in February, I have changed my public persona many times.

    Rhoda P. Curtis: Reinventing Yourself This Year

  • All the car did was give him a comfortable ride to his various life activities, which were already producing his real and lasting happiness and continued to do so for most of his ninety-four years.

    The Law of Happiness

  • I HAVE FOND memories of my father, who passed away a couple of years ago at the ripe young age of ninety-four.

    The Law of Happiness

  • My parents lived to be ninety-two and almost ninety-four; both died last year within a few months of each other.

    The Law of Happiness

  • If it covers ninety-four percent of Americans and reduces the deficit, it's a good bill.

    Senate health care bill price tag: $849 billion, CBO says

  • The first shipment, which occurred on January 16, 2004, contained thirty-two packages of valves valued at $1.5 million; a second shipment of ninety-four boxes of machined parts had been sent four days later.


  • Four days later, she signed paperwork for a second shipment of ninety-four boxes of centrifuge components to Deramo.


  • (Indiana, for example, derives ninety-four per cent of its electricity from coal).

    Why clean-energy funding is politically easier than cap-and-trade

  • Today, at age ninety-four, he is lying in a bed in the hospital with tubes coming out of his arms for medicine and out of his pecker so he can pee.

    Tick Tock


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