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  • n. The cardinal number immediately following ninety-six and preceding ninety-eight.

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  • adj. being seven more than ninety


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  • On Thursday, April 19, 1956, at 2:35 P.M., the president gathered a large group in the Indian Treaty Room of the Executive Office Building.39 The purpose was to plan for Operation Alert, a seven-day mobilization exercise scheduled for July and based on a scenario in which ninety-seven nuclear bombs would be exploded over fifty-two major American cities with additional attacks on bases, nuclear facilities, and eleven smaller cities.

    Eisenhower 1956

  • Canadian psychologist Tracey Waskowic surveyed seventy-seven widows and widowers ranging in age from forty-one to ninety-seven and found that securely attached people were less angry, less socially isolated, and less prone to guilt, despair, and rumination which in itself is thought to perpetuate depressed moods than insecurely attached people.

    The Truth About Grief

  • One hundred and three degrees, ninety-seven percent humidity: like playing tennis underwater, only the water is boiling.

    John McEnroe Visits the 15th Street Diner

  • Much later, when she will relate this to Weiss, they will figure his age then to have been ninety-seven--if, in fact, she saw Hitler, on the probability of which Weiss remains mute.

    Anis Shivani: Review: Chloe Aridjis's Experimental Novel of Berlin: Hitler, the German Past, and the Invisible Memories of a World City

  • The new odds of success are returned at ninety-seven per cent.

    NaNoWriMo Post 1: Talos’ Story « The Graveyard

  • At ninety-seven years of age, the lady before the crowd had seen the glory days of the theater, and performed in award-winning plays of the ages.

    The Aristocrats « The Graveyard

  • Aluminum cans are ninety-seven percent recyclable.

    New York Beer

  • It could be ninety-seven degrees outside, or minus seven, and the climate was always a cool sixty-six degrees inside the West Wing, where she'd be for the next sixteen hours.

    Nicolle Wallace, Bush's Communication Director, Writes Novel About Female President (VIDEO)

  • Since water freezes at thirty-two above, sixty-five below meant ninety-seven degrees below freezing-point.

    Chapter IV

  • One hundred and twenty-nine on the thermometer constitutes a very hot day, yet such a temperature is but ninety-seven degrees above freezing.

    Chapter IV


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