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  • n. The cardinal number immediately following sixty-six and preceding sixty-eight.

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  • adj. being seven more than sixty


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  • It allowed the body to invoke “cloture” to close off debate, but it set a high standard: It required a two-thirds supermajority of senators present and voting—generally sixty-seven votes.

    The Good Fight

  • Instead, we proposed reducing the threshold from two-thirds to three-fifths—that is, from sixty-seven votes to sixty, if all senators were present.

    The Good Fight

  • To get past them we would need a two-thirds majority—sixty-seven votes, if all senators were present and voting—the supermajority required to invoke cloture and end their filibuster.

    The Good Fight

  • At some point following the Diamond Jubilee in 2012—perhaps upon her own ninetieth birthday in 2016—she would agree to step aside allowing Charles to become king at last at age sixty-seven—still making him the oldest person ever to assume the throne, although at an age when he might still leave his mark on history.

    William and Kate

  • There are now more than twenty different “instruments” (questionnaires) out there—from the Texas Revised Inventory of Grief to the Hogan Grief Reaction Checklist—with anywhere from six to sixty-seven different “items” (symptoms) on them, such as “I have little control over my sadness” or “I frequently feel bitter” or “I am stronger because of the grief I have experienced.”

    The Truth About Grief

  • Told me to give Dad a message about how he owed Joey T sixty-seven dollars.

    Kings of Colorado

  • That sixty-seven point gap is almost unheard of in public opinion data.

    Jonathan Weiler: From Soup to Nuts: The Authoritarian Transformation of the Republican Party

  • "Here are the notes and mortgages," said Porportuk, "for fifteen thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven dollars and seventy-five cents."

    The Wit of Porportuk

  • "Fifteen thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven dollars and seventy-five cents," he read with careful precision.

    The Wit of Porportuk

  • "Fifteen thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven dollars and seventy-five cents," Porportuk corrected.

    The Wit of Porportuk


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