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  • That may be purchased for fourpence: as, fourpenny calico; a quart of fourpenny ale.
  • Of the value of fourpence: as, a fourpenny piece or bit.

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  • adjective dated Costing fourpence.

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  • adjective used of nail size; 1 3/8 in or 3.8 cm long


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

four +‎ penny


  • So it only ran to a 'fourpenny' between you and 'the Panorama.'"

    Aladdin of London or, Lodestar

  • Tom, Dick, or Harry, on the strength of fourpenny slippers, tampering with it.


  • Each person had one platter of this provision; after which were distributed to them shoes, stockings, linen and woollen cloth, and leather bags, with one penny, two-penny, threepenny, and fourpenny pieces of silver and shillings; to each about four pounds in value.

    04/01/2004 - 05/01/2004

  • Hundreds of women began as the eighteenth century drew on to add to their pin money, or to come to the rescue of their families by making translations or writing the innumerable had novels which have ceased to be recorded even in text – books, but are to be picked up in the fourpenny boxes in the Charing Cross Road.

    A room of one's own

  • A fourpenny foreign adventurer! she ought to thank me on her knees.

    On Forsyte 'Change

  • From above the latitude of Geneva a foreigner was, if not respected, at least human, but a foreigner from below was undoubtedly ‘fourpenny,’ if not less.

    On Forsyte 'Change

  • When Istra opened the door, after tapping, the living-room was occupied by seven people, all interrupting one another and drinking fourpenny ale; seven people and a fog of cigarette smoke and a tangle of papers and books and hats.

    Our Mr. Wrenn

  • Fortitude and keep a clerk busy for one hour while she picks out half a dozen fourpenny nails.

    Main Street

  • No one ever heard her allude again to her “fourpenny foreigner.”

    On Forsyte 'Change

  • To think that a fourpenny foreigner had cost him five hundred odd pounds!

    On Forsyte 'Change


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