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  • n. A fragmentation grenade.
  • transitive v. To wound or kill (a fellow soldier) by throwing a grenade or similar explosive at the victim: "He got fragged. Blown away” ( Bobbie Ann Mason).

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  • n. A successful kill in a deathmatch game.
  • n. A fragmentation grenade
  • v. To deliberately kill (one's superior officer) with a fragmentation grenade.
  • v. To hit with the explosion of a fragmentation grenade.
  • v. To kill.

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  • transitive v. To assault, especially to kill or wound, with a fragmentation grenade.


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Shortened from fragmentation grenade.


  • There are minor mutinies ( "What are they going to do, cut off our hair and send us to Vietnam?"), an undercurrent of racial tension fed by the black-power politics of H. Rap Brown and Huey Newton, and resentments that provoke plots to "frag" (i.e., kill) their superiors.

    The Book on Vietnam

  • Scrolling through gadgets such as frag grenades and camera grenades, though, needs some tightening.

    Splinter Cell iPhone Style |

  • No Sir! the word "frag" did refer to killing or at least attacking the officer to stop a mission, often done with a fragmentation grenade, just as you say.

    sir! no sir!

  • I've been told that this is the origin of the video-gaming slang term "frag" for an in-game kill -- it was originally Vietnam-era military slang for killing your officer to keep him from getting the rest of you killed, from "fragmentation grenade", a popular means of doing so.

    sir! no sir!

  • Actually, the equivalent of war supporters joining the service would not be war opponents staging hunger strikes in D.C., it would be war opponents flying to Iraq and opposing the war there, lying down in front of tanks, encouraging Iraqi soldiers and policemen and American soldiers and marines to desert or 'frag' their officers, demonstrating for peace in Sadr City, acting as human shields in crowded marketplaces, and so on.

    A New Kind of "Chickenhawk" (UPDATED)

  • Vietnam was not the first American war where a significant number of officers were killed by their own men, but it was the only war that produced a verb describing the action: to "frag," because the preferred weapon for assassination was the fragmentation grenade, ubiquitous and impossible to trace.


  • The "frag" order that night did call for a max effort, and the group was able to ready twenty-eight airplanes with twelve 500-pound bombs each.


  • The only area of lasting survival being reduced to the digits of the hand where dexterity in our youth's ability to "frag" one's on-line competitors in Halo 3 with one hand, while opening another "red bull" with the other is at an all time high.

    The Full Feed from

  • Pedro takes aim at the tech term "frag" and J.D. rounds up the headlines from the week in technology.

    NYT > Technology

  • Does anyone else feel Babylon 5 was using "frag" and who gave them credit?

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz


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  • I believe this was used at least as far back as the Vietnam War, too.

    November 10, 2008

  • A term from the gaming vernacular, meaning to fragment.

    November 7, 2008