from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The basic form of an organic amine which is capable of forming acid salts such as hydrochlorides.
  • n. The basic form of a drug, often more powerful than a salt form because it is more readily absorbed into the blood stream.
  • intransitive v. To ingest the basic form of a narcotic drug, usually by injection.

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  • v. use (purified cocaine) by burning it and inhaling the fumes


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  • A famous "Saturday Night Live" parody commercial for "Bad Idea Jeans" equated giving someone a kidney to such "bad ideas" as having unprotected sex in Haiti or inviting a recovering free-base addict to live with you.

    Kidney Donation Goes Prime Time

  • Yet, how can ANYONE, including thirty percent of GW Bush's so-called base, free-base, if you ask me, continue to go along, or even hold their drippy noses and go along, with GW Bush's nonsensical policies and worse, Bush's totally in-your-face blatant lies.

    Drippy Noses and BUSHCO

  • But since that criticism came from one of the few groups left who still support him his base.. or these days, more like “free-base”, cheney the eternal coward he kept silent about their actual critism…

    Think Progress » The right wing attacks Dick Cheney’s daughter,

  • Just like the Mac OS before it, Steve leads a raiding party on everyone's good ideas, wraps it up in some weird free-base cocaine, and then whines about how MS is anti-competitive, all while keeping a tight lid on anyone hoping to offer software for any of his products and suing into oblivion anyone who wants to sell alternative hardware that runs his OS-de-jure.

    Freetards in deep denial

  • Please excuse my 'free-base' quotes of Sacred Scripture.

    Archive 2006-06-25

  • Which reminded me of John of the Cross' maxim, free-base quote "Take no man for an example, revere him not, for the devil will show you his faults."

    Archive 2006-07-02

  • Otto said and this is a very free-base quote from my ancient memory.

    The inhabitants of Limbo...

  • Lets face it, dogmatic religious war zealots are about the only base he has left, other than the his “free-base”…

    Think Progress » With Mary Cheney Pregnant, Bush Won’t Say Whether He Still Opposes Gay Adoption

  • NUSSBAUM: We had been doing free-base cocaine because Joel insisted that I do it with him.

    CNN Transcript Jun 16, 2003

  • That's why people free-base -- to keep going and going.

    Chicago Reader


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