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  • adjective slang, vulgar Able to be or worthy of being fucked; sexually attractive.


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fuck +‎ -able


  • If I call myself a MILF (bad grammar notwithstanding) in order to celebrate my own sexuality, I'm basing that celebration upon a set of sexual categories that divides mothers into 'fuckable' and 'not-fuckable' (as in, '*I* am a mommy who is fuckable, as compared to all those who are not').

    Got MILF?

  • * I hope it is clear that wherever I use the word "fuckable" in all its permutations, I do so sarcastically, derisively even.

    Not "legless": Ten pairs of legs!

  • But if she is deemed conventionally attractive / pretty / thin / "fuckable" or whatever the hell else ever … well, goddamn it, the bitch better be humble about it, if not outright apologize.

    Renegade Evolution

  • In a strange irony, woman who would eviscerate any male who for one moment suggested that a female dressing provocatively and walking in a dark alley late at night was "asking for it" feel free to remark on Palin as "fuckable," and to refer to her selection by the GOP as their

    The Virginian

  • i dont understand what's so facinating about being topless? clothes bring modesty and respect in the eyes of others, otherwise there's not difference between you and animals? and when some man tries to take advantage of them, they start whining about their womanhood. you white people are just like pigs, animals roam around naked, have sex with anyone you want, you don't eve bother to ask their names as long as they are "fuckable".

    Support Topless Women

  • "fuckable" after she's got a little bit of a mother's tummy.

    Women's Space

  • It became chic to dress in black leather, gold hoop earrings, a vampish hand of black eyeliner, to pose with one hand on hip, the other against a graffiti-raped wall, that incredibly over-dramatic smirk that said Am I fuckable or what?

    Cat People #9: Tales of Manhattan

  • In the rain, through the mist, the hunched shadow yelled out, “Am I still fuckable?”

    Cat People #9: Tales of Manhattan

  • She buttered her English muffin and said without looking up, “Do you find me fuckable?”

    Cat People #9: Tales of Manhattan

  • God help me, but that. gif almost makes he fuckable.

    Wild, colorful and fun, but slightly tragic


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