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  • adj. Not philosophic.


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un- +‎ philosophic


  • Which is saying something, because after more than a decade of studying philosophy, a few years teaching philosophy, and two and half years practicing the mostly mostly unphilosophic art of wrangling a WonderBaby, you'd think that I'd be pretty much mind-numbed.

    You Are The Cheese

  • That he and all his world exists only upon a hypothesis that would explain everyone of these difficulties absolutely, is scarcely likely to occur to his obviously unphilosophic mind.

    A Modern Utopia

  • Some of the things abandoned with unphilosophic ease at the outset proved under the test of experience to be essential.

    My Tropic Isle

  • Granted, then, that certain transformations do happen, it is essential that we should regard them in the philosophic manner of fairy tales, not in the unphilosophic manner of science and the "Laws of Nature."


  • Ryle, in his unphilosophic, nay, dogmatic, self-satisfaction, supposes he does Plato a favor by torturing Plato into thinking like Ryle.


  • He who desires properly to appreciate the profound wisdom of the institution of which he is the disciple, must not be content, with uninquiring credulity, to accept all the traditions that are imparted to him as veritable histories; nor yet, with unphilosophic incredulity, to reject them in a mass, as fabulous inventions.

    The Symbolism of Freemasonry

  • It is more likely that the Danes and other Northern people got their tradition from the Swiss, by way of the Hanse Towns perhaps, if we are to be permitted to believe in but one original tradition, which is not less arbitrary than unphilosophic.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 07, No. 41, March, 1861

  • You dash through the ferry-house in the most undignified manner and unphilosophic mood -- to find that you have five minutes to spare!

    Lippincott's Magazine, November 1885

  • Bellamy loved her or no, that she did not even mentally formulate the idea of love to explain her own feelings, Amaryllis sat in blissful, unphilosophic enjoyment of service and protection.

    Ambrotox and Limping Dick

  • Ecstasy, the unphilosophic stone which alone transmutes to the semblance of gold ... which alone does not ask what will come next, what has led so far, or where lies actual worth; ecstasy which is sufficient in itself ....

    Secret Bread


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