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  • adjective Not saved; unredeemed.
  • adjective computing Not saved (stored in a file).

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  • adjective in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell


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un- +‎ saved


  • But we must recall that there will be some out there who will give this book into the hands of their 'unsaved' kin or friends.

    Vanish by Tom Pawlik: Over the Top?

  • And in private, many of the folks I knew would talk about Jews, Catholics, other "unsaved" protestants, as all headed for hell.

    Steve Anderson: A Modest Proposal: Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

  • Inside the school, some evangelical kids were known to be concerned about their "unsaved" classmates, and many of the believers were easily distinguishable by the Bibles they carried to school.

    The Making Of A Martyr

  • By the way, for the record, NO genuine Christian goes around "battling and conquering" others because they are "'unsaved', bad, [or] stupid".

    Dawkins' deterministic idea

  • It's the whole notion of battling and conquering others because they are "unsaved", bad, stupid, or otherwise less than a particular in-group that has to go.

    Dawkins' deterministic idea

  • Is hell a fiery inferno of eternal punishment and suffering reserved for those who are "unsaved"?

    Father John Bakas: A View To Heaven And Hell

  • From the "unsaved" the number wants that first tremulous inquiry on the prayer line so that the name may go into the churning stomach of the computer, enter, in the blinking of an eye, the mass-mail prison from which there is no parole.

    Church Going

  • And outside of the demon-possessed folks at the mental hospital who fling their own excrement up your nose, Atheists are the worst kind of unsaved trash a decent Christian will ever have the displeasure of rebuking.


  • Sure, many an "unsaved" soul has seen the Christmas tree, the holly, the stockings, and the virgin/manger nativity, and has observed that this is nothing more than a rebranding of Rome's then-ancient pagan myth.

    Progressive Bloggers

  • It was held to strictly and I knew very few folks who talked like that except my "unsaved" neighbors, some of whom were unsaved because they were Catholic or Lutheran or liberal Presbyterians.

    Jesus Creed


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