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  • adj. Not virtuous; having no virtue.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not virtuous; destitute of virtue.


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un- +‎ virtuous


  • "Markets understand stimulus is finite - and thus we are in an unvirtuous negative cycle: we stimulate, no one buys it, so we stimulate more, then we engage in political high drama over the stimulus just to make sure nobody buys it."

    CEOs Call for Less Regulation, Better Infrastructure

  • Part of the answer has to do with the unvirtuous circle created when organized labor—public as well as private—forgets it has an interest in a growth-friendly environment.

    Caterpillar's Problem With Peoria

  • What happens is that fecal matter builds up in your colon, causing an unvirtuous cycle: the more fecal matter that builds up, blocking the openings of the colon, the more fecal matter gets stuck up there, putrefying for years.

    James Altucher: 12 Ways to Live Forever

  • Aaron Eckhart was masterful in this - yes, I'm thrilled that he'll be playing Harvey Dent - and, incidentally, the sympathy he manages to engender left me wondering why we seem to be harder on unlikeable protagonists and unvirtuous heroes in science fiction than we are in the mainstream and other genres.

    The New Lou Review # 3

  • The more popular the “unvirtuous” material is, the stronger the case for prohibiting it, since it is supposed to be an argument against inundation, not mere existence.


  • I would have never thought Jeremy Clarkson was such an unvirtuous meek little human being.

    Jeremy Clarkson: Badass Hoody-Basher

  • But once prosperity blows up, the quasi-virtuous policy circle becomes an unvirtuous one as new interest groups come to the fore to exploit an appetite, previously weak, to impose their costly or vindictive wish lists.

    Get Ready for a Lost Decade

  • But crude-oil futures are denominated in dollars, so a weaker dollar makes oil cheaper for those buying in other currencies, which stimulates demand for oil and leads to higher prices -- and the "negative, unvirtuous" cycle begins again, he said.

    Troubling Trends

  • Nor ought you to be concerned who sees any the most tender parts of your story, except, as I said, for his sake; for it must be a very unvirtuous mind that can form any other ideas from what you relate than those of terror and pity for you.


  • And, you know, it's an unvirtuous cycle I guess is what you could call it.

    CNN Transcript Jun 14, 2006


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