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  • adj. Broken.
  • adj. In trouble.
  • adj. Very drunk.
  • adj. Annoying or mean.
  • adj. Tired.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of fuck.


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  • Given that Interzone took its name from Burroughs's city, I think its fair to say that while "Jingling Geordie's Hole" lies, as I recall, at the extreme end of its output at that time, a certain "fucked-up" aesthetic was at play in those early days of the magazine, before Cyberpunk, before the New Space Opera, before the New Weird, or Mundane-SF, or even Infernokrusher.

    Why Do I Infernokrush?

  • (Some of them, however, are just plain fucked-up and verge into plain ol 'women-hating, so I'm very particular.)

    Your Daily Poll

  • With Goyer writing, this movie is fucked from the get-go.

    David Goyer Hired to Write WB’s Next Superman Film, The Man of Steel | /Film

  • A spokesman for Gordon Brown said that the Prime Minister would be unaffected by the tax plans, as the only thing he's ever fucked is the country.

    Chocolate to Get Health Warnings

  • Perverse and just plain fucked up, Deadgirl is the next evolution of sex-infused horror genre, which regained traction a couple years ago with the Sundance hit Teeth.

    TIFF Review: Deadgirl | /Film

  • Yep the word fucked as Labours election chances springs to mind.

    Gosh that is a lot of money!

  • Elijah didn't hesitate, and looked like he ready to get fucked, which is what the second part of this vid is all about!


  • As I said yesterday, what kind of fucked-up forced-socialization fascism is that?

    Stepping back...

  • Today, my hair completely stopped listening to reason and morphed into some kind of fucked-up Conan O'Brien hairpiece.

    Archive 2009-04-26

  • What kind of fucked-up laws do you guys have there in NY?

    BNYSC Friday Fun Quiz!


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