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  • n. An extraordinarily stupid person, especially one that causes harm.


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Blend of fucking and retard


  • Sarah, "fucktard" is one of my favorite words, but I will admit that I may have learned it from Mike.


  • I'd rather wear one with your pic and the word fucktard underneath.

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  • To those of you pathologically incapable of recognizing the obvious (I originally used the word fucktard, but god I'm so better than that), and who probably didn't know what the "Bush Doctrine" was anyway.

    Wonderland or Not

  • If I were sorry about using the word fucktard, I'd apologize.

    Tod Goldberg

  • So when you see a t-shirt with a photo of George W. Bush on it with the word fucktard beneath it, do you really think people are making fun of people with actual disabilities?

    Tod Goldberg

  • Good luck in your quest to rid the world of the word fucktard, tho.

    Tod Goldberg

  • At no point will he have used the word fucktard, at no point will he have inserted the phrase despotic hate-filled cuntjunta, at no point will he have told the ambassador to go fuck himself, at no point will he have smacked his fuckwit face into the teak tables with a sledgehammer.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • What a fucktard is the POTUS school speech over? are we socialist yet?


  • but hell yea i love using tat word fucktard! woo hooo ~

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  • I especially appreciate that this piece uses versions of the term "fucktard" no less than 13 times.

    An Open Letter to Jan Moir


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  • something so STUPID, an individual with mental retardation has looked at me and said, "That's Stupid". i will not get into the politics of the who and what. ;-)

    also, something fucking retarded.

    December 12, 2006