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  • n. Chiefly British Vulgar Slang A person who masturbates.
  • n. Chiefly British Vulgar Slang A detestable person.

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  • n. A person who wanks.
  • n. An idiot, a stupid, annoying or ineffectual person.
  • n. Someone who shows off too much, a poser or poseur; someone who is overly self-satisfied.
  • n. A very informal address used between friends.

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  • n. terms of abuse for a masturbator


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From wank +‎ -er.


  • British, and the term wanker is meaningless british slang.

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • This wanker is a former German cabinet minister and parliamentary secretary in Germany's defence ministry. 19% of Germans believe the Yanks were responsible for 9/11, which may explain the success of this ridiculous tome - and also the fact that conspirozoids from around the world have chosen Berlin as the site for their big conference on September 7.

    Daimnation!: First France, now Germany

  • I'd rather call him/her just plain "wanker," with "eejit" a close second.

    It's My Party

  • Webb addresses two of these areas, namely the blue collar whites, the beer track in wanker, and foreign policy credentials.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • Being a wanker, is not just about jerking off, it is about making love with oneself, and that is all the love you have.

    Think Progress » Coulter on 9/11 Widows: ‘I Have Never Seen People Enjoying their Husbands’ Death So Much’

  • Start of the second gig, during the first song's tender, tentative intro, the audience quiet and attentive, some walk-in wanker expresses his support by shouting "Fuck the Beatles!".

    Three Gigs And A Funferal

  • That walk-in wanker's sitting on the floor beside me rocking his head back and forth, deeper into the music than maybe anyone else in the gig.

    Three Gigs And A Funferal

  • There's a Janet-Jackson's-Boob type flap in England because the word wanker was used on the air by some official.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • i love the word wanker .... i love saying it out loud even tho people look at me like im strange ... u wanker lol

    Answerbag: Latest Questions in Question Categories

  • The above lie has been throoughly debunked and it is proven to originate from a talking point memo released by some GOP/conservative wanker, which is why Beaker meeped it all over the Senate floor.

    Levin swears repeatedly at Goldman hearing


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  • Well... a bear can dream. :)

    September 27, 2009

  • Nope, no punchline. Just an honest question.

    September 27, 2009

  • pajero in Spanish.

    September 26, 2009

  • It's only mild in the U.S. that I know of. I say it a lot and people giggle because it's a funny word. But if I (accidentally) say it in front of any British friends or when I'm overseas, people don't react well. Like Americans use "bloody" and think it's quaint, in the original culture it's still kind of curse-y.

    What is the difference between a wanker and a tosser? Or was ptero setting up a punchline? ;)

    September 26, 2009

  • Segaiolo in Italian.

    September 26, 2009

  • From my American point of view, "wanker" seems much more tame (and silly) than "jerk", and even a bit sillier than "tosser".

    Hey, what is the difference between "wanker" and "tosser", anyway?

    September 26, 2009

  • Depends where you are, TSE. From an Australian point of view I'd have to agree with uselessness. Although he's from Albukerke.

    September 26, 2009

  • Agreed. A closer term to 'jerk' would be wanqueur.

    September 26, 2009

  • I don't think this can really be compared with jerk. If it ever meant something to that effect, it has evolved to something much milder.

    September 26, 2009

  • Does the American word "jerk" really come from the same meaning? It's so... tame.

    January 21, 2008

  • Like the American version: jerk. Think about it.

    January 19, 2008