from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An individual of pure blood; a pure-bred animal, etc.
  • n. Relationship through both parents or through a complete series of ancestors: as, brothers or cousins of the full-blood, or full-bloods of a certain tribe or race.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. of unmixed ancestry


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  • A person at my dad's office is willing to part with a full-blood male German Shepherd puppy for that price and I want to know if I should get one.

    Ok I have $150 (that I'll tell you about).

  • A person at my dad's office is willing to part with a full-blood male German Shepherd | Field & Stream

    Ok I have $150 (that I'll tell you about).

  • One-fifth—20 percent—of modern Americans claim some sort of Native American ancestry ranging from imaginary to full-blood.

    Fire The Sky

  • When they are being rude to people it's about being full-blood or muggle-born, they don't insult people on race or sexuality, (which is great, of course! but interesting).

    Sex and Harry Potter

  • She was fair skinned and golden haired, full-blood Italian.

    Dylan Muse Graced Famed Album Cover

  • Most days he could pass for a full-blood Sioux, with his tawny skin and brown eyes.

    No Mercy

  • Her brother Ace looks full-blood Native, black hair and eyes, wide face, massive nose, dark bronze skin, and a short powerful build.

    Accountability Versus Blame

  • My oldest son's wife is full-blood Navajo, so our one grandson is half Navajo, one quarter Apache and one quarter the mix that is me.

    Interview Thursday. The first Male Guest; Grahamn Cracker!

  • She had to share him with only one other wife, a full-blood Comanche woman.


  • I prefer the anglo-trakehner since I like the bone and strength of a full-blood Trakehner, but the additional T-bred blood IMHO ensures speed and endurance over long distances …. without the character flaws … * usually* …. of a T-Bred.

    What to Do With Your Gift From George W.


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