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  • adj. Resembling a gnome.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

gnome +‎ -like


  • A former fighter who'd retired in 1914, Goldman was often described as "gnomelike" and stood just over five feet tall.

    MaxBoxing News

  • Although Gauguin was almost obsessively focused on the feminine, he made repeated images of his gnomelike friend Meijer de Haan, a Dutch painter who studied with Gauguin in Brittany.

    Recurring themes and icons in Gauguin's art

  • He was, indeed, gnomelike, old and gnarled and small.

    Falcon Street

  • But he had no intention of going gently into that good night, wizened and gnomelike that he was.


  • Murdoch spied a gray-haired gnomelike being with a miniature cane and traced forward like a shot.

    Deep Kiss Of Winter

  • Behind her the walls and roof of the house expanded, as though the whole structure had taken a deep breath, and then most of it fell to pieces, to be replaced by a great tunnel of blue light twenty feet across from which more and more creatures began to pour: imps and small dragons, hooded serpents and hunched gnomelike figures armed with axes and blades.

    The Gates

  • I make it a point to go see a gnarled, gnomelike fellow at my local market who gives me samples and tells me when to eat what and points out bruised fruits that actually have more sugars.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • Carlos, the gnomelike little man who once held OPEC ministers for ransom in Vienna and shot down unarmed French policemen in Paris, certainly thinks that way.

    Shadowland: From Communism To Al Qaeda

  • He was fairly certain that when people recognized his gnomelike visage in hotel lobbies, they were saying that very thing to each other: there goes JJ Magruder, the most powerful man in amateur sports in America.

    Again to Carthage

  • It was a deformed, gnomelike thing, a sort of clumsy caricature of a human being, with a huge domed head as big as the rest of its body.

    George Orwell, writing against abortion


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