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  • Funderwear (n): Underwear that is fun to wear.

    September 15, 2016

  • No, I meant I've never owned funderwear. It just doesn't strike me as an entertaining article of clothing, if you get my drift. Unfortunately, I do remember Underoos, but only because of younger siblings. :-)

    October 28, 2007

  • I agree. Edible undies are neither.

    I think Underoos were on the market for only about fifteen minutes, so that's not surprising, reesetee.

    It's more surprising that sionnach had some awareness of them in the back of the brain. Uh-oh... you don't think Underoos are part of the collective subconscious, do you?

    *starts to panic*

    October 28, 2007

  • I've never, never had these.


    October 28, 2007

  • I was going to mention Underoos, which I am somehow aware of, despite having grown up in Ireland (an underoo-free zone, at least during my childhood).

    Then there are edible undies, but those have never seemed to have anything remotely to do with fun.

    October 28, 2007

  • I thought Underoos were fun to wear. You know, the jingle? "Underoos are fun to wear, YEAH! Somethin' super new in un-der-wear!"


    *hears crickets*

    I must be the only person to remember Underoos. They were undershirts and ... panties? but they also had them for boys, so... manties?... that were colored/designed/printed to look like the outfits of superheroes, and sold in sets (undershirt with p/manties). Or something.

    Someone bought me a Wonder Woman set when I was a kid. It kind of weirded me out, and they weren't particularly fun either. And the song is a total freakin' annoying earworm.

    October 28, 2007

  • Well, it's obvious, innit? underwear that is fun to wear.

    October 28, 2007