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  • adj. pertaining to gamma rays or gamma radiation


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  • And a supernova is described as "the most intense brilliance nature ever creates," ignoring the far brighter outbursts of quasars and the phenomenal stellar explosions known as gamma-ray bursters.

    Solar Illumination

  • Greg Benford's "Penumbra" imagines a near wipe-out by a gamma-ray burst—a scenario we know could happen.

    The Future of Science Fiction

  • Take a look at the video and photos below to see depictions of terrestrial gamma-ray flashes in action, as observed by Fermi, and visit the NASA Fermi mission page to learn more about this discovery.

    Scientists Find Thunderstorms Create Antimatter

  • According to New Scientist, thunderstorms are known to shoot out terrestrial gamma-ray flashes TGFs, which Fermi observed in several instances.

    Scientists Find Thunderstorms Create Antimatter

  • The universe has big explosions all the time, novas and supernovas and gamma-ray bursts that are trillions of times more powerful than atomic bombs.

    The Omega Theory

  • Sitting high above the Earth, the Fermi spacecraft has been keeping watch for gamma-ray flashes the highest energy form of light since 2008, and has detected 130 such flashes, all associated with thunderstorms.

    Weatherwatch: thunderstorm lightshows

  • Consequently most of the gamma-ray flashes that Fermi detected came from thunderstorms immediately below the spacecraft.

    Weatherwatch: thunderstorm lightshows

  • Around 500 gamma-ray flashes are thought to blast out from thunderstorms on Earth every day, but since most pulses last less than one millisecond, few of them are detected.

    Weatherwatch: thunderstorm lightshows

  • An international team of astronomers last week detected the most distant gamma-ray burst ever recorded, light that was emitted when the universe was less than 5 percent of its present age.

    Odin's Day

  • Customs Service in February 2003 to the Chenega Technology Services Corp. The work is to maintain thousands of gamma-ray, X-ray and other scanning machines at the nation's ports and borders.

    A drumbeat of warnings about impropriety regarding Alaska native corporation contracts


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