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  • n. A large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.
  • n. The Hindu name for the constellation Aquila.

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  • n. a supernatural eagle-like being that serves as Vishnu's mount


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From Sanskrit: Garuḍa गरुड, Pāli Garuḷa


  • [36] Fabulous birds of gigantic size, often known under the Indian term garuda, play an important part in the beliefs of the Peninsular Malays.

    A Study in Tinguian Folk-Lore

  • An antique multi-hued 'garuda' greets you as you enter the hotel.

    The Hindu - Front Page

  • Back Layer im at work so i cant see any blogs or any youtube vids or anything fun like that, but judging from what i have read in the comments, this garuda thing has showed up once or twice, and i figured it was worth mentioning. this is fun big daddy on Apr 16, 2008 www.

    What the Hell is Aladygma? «

  • Jeryd is a rumel, a species of nonhuman that can live for hundreds of years and shares the city with humans, birdlike garuda, and the eerie banshees whose forlorn cries herald death.

    Books in the Mail (W/E 03/27/2010)

  • The skirmishes can be a little bewildering, but watching the contrast between the tough fighting and the graceful ritual dance performed by victors -- apparently based on the flight of a garuda, a mythical bird -- is a true Mongolian experience.

    After Hours: Ulan Bator

  • Well, it too is interesting; the crisis physicist scientist Isaac, who is secretly dating the khepri spit-artist Lin, has a visitor from a garuda - an avian race from the desert, miles away.

    Scenes From An Art Fair, Written After Seven Hours of Driving To CT

  • Isaac der Grimnebulin is a scientist in New Crobuzon working to help give flight to a grounded garuda bird-man.

    REVIEW: Perdido Street Station by China Meiville

  • Isaac, awestruck by the problem proposed by the garuda, accepts the commission and starts working in the project.

    Reflective Surface - Perdido Street Station

  • While working in his lab, a garuda (a humanoid species with avian characteristics, able to fly) comes and makes a proposition to him.

    Reflective Surface - Perdido Street Station

  • A few words about the image: Paul's logo is a garuda eagle with a tiger's head emerging from the bird's chest, with the eagle's talons wrapped around a pair of traditional Indonesian weapons, short tridents that are somewhat like the Japanese sai.

    Introduction to the History of Our Version of Silat in America, Sorta


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    The last few questions in the contest, known as garudas, are the toughies. Below is the only garuda answered correctly this year. You have 10 minutes.

    October 5, 2015

  • Very good and strange words - I really like the mix.

    February 27, 2013

  • A bird of Hindu and Asian mythology. Capitalised, Indonesia's national airline.

    December 22, 2009