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  • n. A fish sauce popular in Ancient Rome.

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  • n. A sauce made of small fish. It was prized by the ancients.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A fish-sauce much prized by the ancients, made of small fish preserved in a certain kind of pickle; also, a pickle prepared from the gills or the blood of the tunny.


From Latin garum, from Ancient Greek γάρον (garon, "the fish whose intestines were originally used in the condiment's production"). (Wiktionary)


  • Nowadays everyone eats it, every day, on everything -- or at least they eat something they call garum, whether it's worthy of the name or not.

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

  • The famous pickle of the ancients, called garum, was made of the gills and blood of the tunny, or thynnus.

    Travels through France and Italy

  • Asian Fish Pastes and Sauces Asian fermented fish pastes and sauces are vital manifestations of a preparation that has mostly disappeared in Europe but was once well known as garum or liquamen, the fish sauce of Rome see box, p.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • They likely also controlled the fishery and saltery where the famous fish sauce of the Romans known as garum was made from the guts of fish left to ferment in the hot Mediterranean sun.

    Portus Cosanus

  • The best was called garum sociorum, a term of which we have seen no satisfactory explanation, and sold for 1,000 sesterces for two congii, about $20 a gallon.

    Museum of Antiquity A Description of Ancient Life

  • The ships had been carrying amphorae, or large jars, containing wine from Italy, and cargo from North Africa and Spain including olive oil, fruit and garum, a pungent fish sauce that was a favorite ingredient in Roman cooking.

    Ancient Shipwrecks Found Off Italian Coast

  • I dabbed my finger into the garum and took another taste.

    The Devil's Bedpost

  • That night Acastus and I dined not on squirrel but on herb bread and liver pate, with generous helpings of garum.

    The Devil's Bedpost

  • The first sample you tasted is my own brand of garum.

    The Devil's Bedpost

  • I took a sip of wine to clear my palate, then dipped my finger into the dollop of garum to my right.

    The Devil's Bedpost


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  • Book recommendation warning!

    Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky. Seen here.

    Edit: Wait. I don't understand that article. Are they saying that they figured out that the eruption was August 24, 79 based on the garum? Because the garum takes a while to ferment, and keeps for quite a while as well, so how could they pinpoint the date that closely? Couldn't the garum have been in there for a long time before the eruption, thus skewing the date?

    October 28, 2008

  • "The find revealed that the last Pompeian garum was made entirely with bogues (known as boops boops), a Mediterranean fish species that abounded in the area in the summer months of July and early August."

    Boops boops :-)

    October 28, 2008

  • Fish sauce dating of Vesuvius eruption

    October 28, 2008