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  • The use of the term giallo is a bit problematic in almost all foreign non italian film writing.

    The Devil with Seven Faces (1971)

  • It always seemed like the term giallo evolved into what it did in the 80s/90s thanks to horror zines published in the US & Europe such as Gore Zone and Deep Red.

    Perversion Story

  • Gialli had been around for years, first appearing in the late 1920s in the form of a series of yellow-covered paperbacks ( "giallo" is Italian for "yellow"), most of which were translations of popular detective fiction by the likes of Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle.

    DVD Times

  • I’m more inclined to think that Americans or just newbies to Italian horror/thrillers use the term giallo in a much broader sense.

    Perversion Story

  • (The word giallo means yellow, and refers to the covers of a popular series of paperback thrillers published by Mondadori.)

    NYT > Home Page

  • I’ve always thought (from my own reading) that the genre was pretty specific and based on stylized violence first seen in Bava’s films like Blood and Black Lace (btw - just for the record -Bava’s responsible for the black gloved killer idea in Italian giallo and Argento’s borrowed many of his best ideas from Bava).

    Perversion Story

  • A movie like Perversion Story seems to obviously be just a stylish erotic crime thriller Fulci himself called it a “fantasy” film and never used the term giallo to describe it from what I’ve read.

    Perversion Story

  • Aficionados of the pulp Italian genre known as giallo will be nodding their heads in recognition at new French movie Amer – a striking, stylish new horror that borrows liberally from the likes of Dario Argento, with its stroboscopic montage, extreme close-ups and stylised colour schemes.

    This week's new film events

  • La Verità Secondo Satana and Delirium belong, of course, to that film genre known as giallo--so called because of the yellow-covered books that inspired it.

    The Groovy Age of Horror

  • Mr. Argento, 67, has devoted most of his career to the Italian suspense genre known as giallo, which designates a kind of hyperbolic serial-killer mystery, generally with urban settings and disturbingly creative murders.

    NYT > Home Page


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  • “In doing so, they conjure up ghosts — frightening-looking ones, who owe a visual debt to Ms. de Beer’s long fascination with horror films and, lately, to the particularly bloody 1970s Italian subgenre known as giallo.”

    The New York Times,, by Randy Kennedy, January 30, 2011

    January 31, 2011

  • Italian - "Yellow". A "giallo" is a crime fiction book. The name is due to the cover color of the bestselling book series by Mondadori (Il Giallo Mondadori).

    February 20, 2010