from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A female gnome. See gnome, 1.


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  • The performance was an utter farce, with an obese sylph who made the entire balcony shudder, and the gnomide a dwarf made up as an old woman; Eraste a lecher and Arlequin a drunkard.

    Theatre de la Foire

  • Hannah picked Goody up and carried him a distance from the gnomide.

    Pet Peeve

  • No, it was a gnomide, a female gnome, standing about a third Hannah's height, or somewhat shorter than Goody.

    Pet Peeve


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  • A gnome alone wants his own bride.

    (It's bliss to be wed, goes the bromide.)

    But search as he might

    The chances are slight

    The garden will harbor a gnomide.

    The only pronunciation guidance I can find for this word in English is the OED's /ˈnəʊmɪd/, which can be rendered "gnome-id." When googled the word appears most often in French texts. It seems to be a direct borrowing from French and if the French pronunciation is used it would be "gnome-eed." However in English the overwhelming number of words ending in "-ide" are pronounced as in "ride." This last sounds most natural to me; I prefer it and declare the word domesticated. Should there be a general outcry to protest this decision I will reconsider.

    September 19, 2015

  • A female gnome. OED Used by Nabokov in Lolita-kiddoid gnomide

    August 31, 2009