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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of grain.
  • adj. Having a grain or grains
  • adj. Stained with an imitation wood grain
  • adj. Having a specified type of grain e.g. close-grained

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Having a grain; divided into small particles or grains; showing the grain; hence, rough.
  • adj. Dyed in grain; ingrained.
  • adj. Painted or stained in imitation of the grain of wood, marble, etc.
  • adj. Having tubercles or grainlike processes, as the petals or sepals of some flowers.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Rough; roughened.
  • Dyed in grain; ingrained.
  • Painted as having a grain.
  • Formed or divided into grains or small particles.
  • In botany, having grain-like tubercles or prominences, as the sepals in some species of Rumex.
  • Characterized by a fibrous texture or grain.


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  • Many of the food blogs I read were extolling the delights of Risotto and then the final straw - I was in the supermarket in the grains aisle, my handbag had slipped off my shoulder, I bent down to pick it up and when I stood up I was at eye-level with a row of Arborio rice, one of the main short-grained rice used to make Risotto.

    Stabroek News

  • In the worsted rosettes of the bell-ropes, in the plaster picture-frames, in the painted tea-tray and on the cups, in the pediment of the sideboard, in the ornament that crowns the barometer, in the finials of sofa and arm-chair, in the finger-plates of the "grained" door, is to be seen the ineffectual portrait or to be traced the stale inspiration of the flower.


  • From the original (not reproduction) wheel knock off hubs to the NOS grease gun - the correct and original "grained" Cobra emblems to the original restored 16 "steering wheel - from the" ultra-rare "accessory wood shift knob to the correct rivets in the owner's manual in the glove box, minute details abound.

    Antique News News!

  • Fine-grained polling reveals that people who say they want repeal may be expressing generalized frustration about the bill, or dislike of certain parts, such as the individual mandate, rather than a desire to see it blown to smithereens.

    Is support for repeal vastly overstated?

  • When pollsters drill down with fine-grained questions, support for full repeal plummets.

    Is support for repeal vastly overstated?

  • It also means that Twitter users will have finer grained control over which applications have ongoing access to their accounts — and will be able to disable applications without changing their password.

    Twitter can has OAuth? | FactoryCity

  • NERC's forecasts are the gold standard for the U.S. power system because they are built from the bottom up, starting with finely grained data from individual plants.

    If the Lights Go Out

  • That is very much in sync with what other similarly fine-grained polls have found.

    Support for repeal is vastly overstated, part 973

  • Moreover, one important consequence of voter ignorance is that voters are unlikely to make fine-grained distinctions between “libertarian” paternalistic policies and more heavy-handed ones.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Double Standard of Libertarian Paternalism

  • China's "Great Firewall" is another example of fine-grained state information control, wielded with precision to block specific websites and content networks.

    Jim Cowie: The Resilience of Egypt


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