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  • adj. Composed or appearing to be composed of granules or grains.
  • adj. Having a grainy texture.
  • adj. Biology Containing granules: granular cells.

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  • adj. Consisting of, or resembling, granules or grains; as, a granular substance. Grainy. Granular limestone, crystalline limestone, or marble, having a granular structure.

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  • adj. Consisting of, or resembling, grains.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Composed of, containing, or bearing grains or granules; resembling grains or granules. Also granulose, granulous.

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  • adj. having a granular structure like that of chondrites
  • adj. composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency


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From granule +‎ -ar. Compare French granulaire.


  • While RichCopy specialises in granular control over things like file names and attributes, CopyHandler allows you to get as picky as setting custom buffer sizes based on whether a file is being copied to the same physical disk, disk to disk, disk to optical drive, and so forth.

    Five Best Alternative File Copiers | Lifehacker Australia

  • Bob Somerby has catalogued in granular detail the press 'hatred of the Clintons, a hatred which was then transferred to Gore in 2000.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • Yesterday he went on for about 10 minutes straight, in granular detail, citing all the numbers of buses, people, and provisions that are coming into New Orleans to help with evacuation and post-storm relief.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • (* Mordant chortle*) I'd LOVE to hear her delineate in granular detail the protectionist measures she thinks might be necessary.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • None of their other variations in granular or packet form contain lactose, and I checked several other competitors and found no lactose there either.

    Lactose in Sweeteners

  • The first tier of the brick wall of the squamous cells is called the granular layer, where the soft keratin of the skin is made as opposed to the hard keratin of nails and hair.

    Simple Skin Beauty

  • Looking down I saw grass rendered in granular detail; looking up I saw skies swept with feathery clouds; all around me I found innumerable creatures and towns and terrains.

    Sex, Lies, and Videogames

  • Looking down I saw grass rendered in granular detail; looking up I saw skies swept with feathery clouds ….

    Beyond Space Invaders

  • Normally a series of these spaces is found toward the outer surface of the dentin, where they form a layer which is sometimes known as the granular layer.

    XI. Splanchnology. 2a. The Mouth

  • He tells CEOs to go "granular" - be aware 24/7 of their companies 'cash position and customers' needs --


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  • Uses I don't quite understand:

    The user control is granular, allowing unlimited use or timed use. — Wi-Fi Networking News

    "I want (the city budget) to be as transparent and granular ..."

    "Tricryption meets their requirements for transparent and granular security that allows dynamic controls over variable user groups." -- Eruces Data Security

    September 15, 2009

  • Contributing my first random association.

    December 28, 2008

  • Indeed. My head's buzzing from all the buzzwords.

    October 17, 2007

  • OpenID, RapLeaf, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Undisposable. All of these services have one thing in common - they make web development more granular. By granular, we mean they are making web development componentized and outsourceable. (Read / Write Web)

    (heavy, heavy buzzword action)

    October 17, 2007