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  • adj. Too small to be noticed or make a significant difference; negligible: inappreciable fluctuations in temperature.

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  • adj. insignificant, undetectable, not able to be noticed

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Not appreciable; too small to be perceived; incapable of being duly valued or estimated.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not appreciable; not to be valued or estimated; hence, of no consequence.

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  • adj. too small to make a significant difference


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

negative in- + appreciable


  • Again, and with a swiftness an inappreciable fraction of time quicker than Ponta's, he ducked forward.

    Chapter 5

  • Where once there was an inappreciable number of studies of dog cognition and behavior, there are now conferences on the dog, research groups devoted to studying the dog, experimental and ethological studies on the dog in the United States and abroad, and dog research results sprinkled through scientific journals.


  • In his book, Brillat-Savarin regarded hearing a more subtle mechanism than taste: Taste is not so richly endowed as hearing; the latter can appreciate and compare many sounds at the same time; but taste, on the other hand, is actually simple — that is to say, that two flavours at one are equally inappreciable.

    Sing for your supper

  • I told your father, in the joy of meeting once more a subject of such inappreciable loyalty, of the sacrifices I would make to assure the assistance of Charles of Burgundy to so gallant an undertaking as that proposed to him by the faithful Oxford.

    Anne of Geierstein

  • He permitted his eyes for a moment to fasten upon her, to admire her, and to enjoy triumphantly her confusion in silence: 'Ah, beauteous tyrant!' he then cried; 'if this instant were less inappreciable, in what language could I upbraid thy unexampled abuse of power?


  • Taking, then, an agitating last view of a locket which circumstances had rendered inappreciable to her, 'Ah! not in vain,' she cried, 'even now shall I lose what once was a token so bewitching ...


  • I say that this functional difference is vast, unfathomable, and truly infinite in its consequences; and I say at the same time, that it may depend upon structural differences which shall be absolutely inappreciable to us with our present means of investigation.


  • I said just now that the Horse eventually died and became converted into the same inorganic substances from whence all but an inappreciable fraction of its substance demonstrably originated, so that the actual wanderings of matter are as remarkable as the transmigrations of the soul fabled by Indian tradition.


  • The multitudinous operations of this beautiful mechanism flag in their performance, the Horse loses its vigour, and after passing through the curious series of changes comprised in its formation and preservation, it finally decays, and ends its life by going back into that inorganic world from which all but an inappreciable fraction of its substance was derived.


  • Services differ so widely with different gifts, and some are so inappreciable to external tests, that this is not only a matter for the private conscience, but one which even there must be leniently and trustfully considered.

    Lay Morals


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