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  • adj. Being or seeming to be without an end or limit; boundless: an endless universe; an endless conversation.
  • adj. Formed with the ends joined; continuous: an endless chain.

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  • adj. having no end
  • adj. extending indefinitely

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Without end; having no end or conclusion; perpetual; interminable; -- applied to length, and to duration
  • adj. Infinite; excessive; unlimited.
  • adj. Without profitable end; fruitless; unsatisfying.
  • adj. Void of design; objectless.
  • adj. having a linear or ribbonlike form with the two ends connected together, such as in a circle, ellipse, torus, or any other closed loop. Belts or chains used in drive mechanisms are considered endless in this sense. See endless chain.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not having a termination; continuing without end, really or apparently; having no limit or conclusion: as, endless progression; endless bliss; the endless pursuit of an object.
  • Not having ends; returning upon itself so as to exhibit neither beginning nor end: as, an endless belt or chain; a circular race-course is endless.
  • Perpetually recurring; interminable; incessant; continual: as, endless praise; endless clamor.
  • Without object, purpose, or use.
  • Without profitable conclusion; fruitless.
  • Synonyms Eternal, everlasting, perpetual, unceasing, imperishable, uninterrupted, boundless, immeasurable, unlimited.

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  • adj. infinitely great in number
  • adj. having the ends united so as to form a continuous whole
  • adj. having no known beginning and presumably no end
  • adj. tiresomely long; seemingly without end


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

end +‎ -less


  • It is used, in a few instances, to denote an endless age, by attaching to it another word for _endless_.

    The Arena Volume 4, No. 20, July, 1891

  • The design and features you can use are endless, and the amount of people on hand that offer their services when you can't figure it out is endless* (* sometimes at a price - like anything else), the amount of free designs and plugins to extend functionality that is on offer is so great you really don't have to splash out on often expensive designs if you don't want to or cant afford it.

    Blog Tips |

  • "The term endless strings of meaningless objections sheds an undeserving negative light on string ..."

    Scientific Blogging

  • Barak said he is tired of what he described as endless infighting.

    Israeli Defense Minister Barak Quits Political Party

  • With "Tristan und Isolde," Wagner fully abandoned opera's separate arias and ensembles for what he called the "endless melody" of his new form, music drama.

    At the Ravinia Festival, A Liszt of Subtle Works

  • The reality is that mothers are still in charge of what I refer to as the endless list of child-rearing in my book When Parents Disagree and What You Can Do About It.

    Childhood Unbound

  • Another kind of dream I have is what I call endless house dreams.

    Do you have recurring dreams or nightmares?

  • And we're going to march through our agenda to get this country moving again, because after six years and, more importantly, what I refer to as the endless occupation in Iraq and the wageless recovery here at home, the American people want a Congress that's going to meet the challenges that are facing this country.

    CNN Transcript Nov 8, 2006

  • JOAN LEFKOW, U.S. DIS.RICT JUDGE: Finally, I'm the wife who wakes up in the morning not to a cup of coffee presented by my husband of 30 years, to reopen what we called the endless conversation of marriage, but to an open book that I was reading in an effort to banish the memories of 5: 30 p.m. on the day our world changed forever.

    CNN Transcript May 18, 2005

  • That's what I call the endless contest to see which political side can express more outrage about what the other side has to say about it.

    News -


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  • A favourite of mine. Add a serene word onto the end of it and it sounds like a miniature poem of itself already.

    May 9, 2009

  • endless as in "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"

    February 5, 2008