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  • If one is given a bulk perception to take hold of, is it reasonable to think of gravitonic concentrations?

    The BBC on the LHC

  • Fredda Leving took my gravitonic brain design, wrote the New Laws herself, and put the laws in the gravitonics without so much as informing me that she had done so, to say nothing of asking my permission.

    Roger MacBride

  • The New Laws were still the only gravitonic-brain robots ever made.

    Roger MacBride

  • A gravitonic brain was like a book of utterly blank pages, ready to be written on, with no needless clutter getting in the way of what was written.

    Roger MacBride

  • Once the gravitonic brain was in her hands, however, she moved quickly toward development of a No Law robot -- Caliban.

    Roger MacBride

  • But Gubber Anshaw was not like other researchers, He found a way to take the basic, underlying structure of a positronic brain, the underlying pathing that made it possible for a lump of sponge palladium to think and speak and control a body, and place that pathing, selectively, in a gravitonic structure.

    Roger MacBride

  • Gubber, as the designer of the gravitonic brain, had never really approved of the way Fredda Leving had appropriated his work to create the New Law robots.

    Roger MacBride

  • One reason I'm so interested in Prospero is that the programming of his gravitonic brain was still half-experimental.

    Roger MacBride

  • Or maybe it's because Gubber Anshaw designed their gravitonic brain with an underlying internal topography that is closer to the human brain's pattern than any other robotic brain has even been.

    Roger MacBride

  • I suspect, gentlesirs, that the Krang is a gravitonic generator - but of power undreamed of even by the ancient Gods. '

    The Tar-Aiym Krang


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