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  • n. A Latin American percussion instrument made of a hollow gourd with a grooved or serrated surface, played by scraping with a stick or rod.

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  • n. A musical instrument made of a hollow gourd with parallel notches cut in one side, and played by rubbing a stick or scraper ("pua") along the notches to produce a ratchet-like sound.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

American Spanish güiro, from Taino.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Spanish güiro.


  • The guiro is the topic for today's 9: 30 Coffee Break

    News & Features from Minnesota Public Radio

  • On stage with the Afro-Cuban All Stars at New York City's Town Hall, De Marcos is at ease and enjoying himself, effortlessly conducting a sea of brass and percussion while keeping time on guiro, or wooden scraper.

    Modiba: Cuban Musicians Help Thaw US-Cuba Relations

  • I stroked the side of a guiro a grated Latin percussion instrument for the sound of the fuse, and Craig whacked a huge bass drum with a tympani mallet for the bomb—tsssss BOOM!

    I slept with Joey Ramone

  • This technology is adaptable to almost any type of apparel and they have also made air tambourines and an air guiro, a percussion instrument.


  • Add the rhythmic, ratchety sound of a guiro, along with a singer or two, and you have a basic parranda.

    A Quaff Fit for 3 Kings

  • The invention also comes in guiro a gourd-derived latin percussion instrument, wikipedia entry here and tambourine versions.

    The Speculist: ITF #169

  • The Pleneros play it pretty straight, on guiro -- a notched gourd rubbed with a stick -- accordion, and multipitched frame drums called panderos.

    Chicago Reader

  • The track closes with a focus on percussion, something of a Sosa trademark; a range of percussion is utilized over the course of the album, including batá drums, congas, guiro, cajón de rumba, and marimba.


  • Plena was originally a narrative style, and its lyrics, which often reflected current political or cultural happenings, could turn the music into an important avenue of communication; its sound was defined by elaborate polyrhythms played on tambourinelike hand drums called pandeiros and augmented by a scraped gourd called a guiro.

    Chicago Reader

  • For many years, the Stomp creators had looked for an equivalent of the Latin percussion instrument the guiro, a gourd-shaped open-ended instrument with ridges along the side that are rubbed by a wooden stick to create sound.

    Penn State Live


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  • "The sound is like a credit card being scraped over a comb, or a guiro percussion instrument or, like the corncrake's onomatopoeic Latin name, Crex crex."

    The Outrun by Amy Liptrot, p 124

    May 9, 2017