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  • n. A person who engages in gunfights; a gunslinger.


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gun +‎ fighter


  • I believe it was Billy the Kid who eschewed the term gunfighter and called himself, instead, a "shootist."

    Anime Nano!

  • The judge's table was at the pillar, in what I call the gunfighter's seat.

    World Socialist Web Site

  • Although the spooky gunfighter is an Old West character, he has cropped up in the array of DC Comics nominally? la mode array such as Batman as well as The Justice League Of America.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • I was watching "SHANE" the other night, and there was the scene where Shane called the gunfighter a "dirty, low down yankee" ... the gunfighter's reply was, "Prove it".

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  • By comparison, companions such as former Texas Ranger turned outlaw Scott Cooley, who is little known today, better fit the title of "gunfighter" than did Ringo.

    Archive 2009-08-16

  • This kind of gunfighter won't leave our hero alone -- the hero who's expert at handling guns but would rather live in peace.

    We've Seen How This Cowboy Movie Ends

  • This is right out of the Magnificent Seven or The Professionals or the Wild Bunch, where a "gunfighter" decides to lay his neck on the line in a valiant effort against an imposing army for the impossible task of saving the townspeople in this case, the millions of refugees about to be destroyed by the Annhilation Wave.

    Annihilation: Nova #4 Review | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • From Bill Jordan's book, "No Second Place Winner" comes advice given to the legendary Jordan by an old time Texas lawman and gunfighter: "Take your time, fast!"

    Slow Down To Speed Up

  • A famous gunfighter, lawman, and Civil War scout, Hickok gained his reputation in Kansas and Nebraska during the early years of the Old West.

    The Best Lawmen from the Old West | myFiveBest

  •  What you didn’t know:  This gunfighter wasn’t born in the U.S. – he was from Quebec.

    The Best Lawmen from the Old West | myFiveBest


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