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  • n. The state or quality of being salacious; lewdness, obscenity, bawdiness.
  • n. An act which is salacious (lewd, obscene or bawdy).

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  • n. Strong propensity to venery; lust; lecherousness.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Salaciousness.

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  • n. the trait of behaving in an obscene manner


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin salācītātem, from salāx (“salacious, lustful”) +‎ -ity.


  • Aristotle gives instance in sparrows, which are parum vivaces ob salacitatem, [2990] short lived because of their salacity, which is very frequent, as

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Mr. Hendrickson handles this material sympathetically and intelligently, and entirely without salacity.

    The Slow Crack-Up

  • It was a paltry and pathetic little library of flagellation, titillation and salacity, incapable, he thought, of stimulating any emotion beyond ennui and vague disgust.

    She Closed Her Eyes

  • In this astonishingly fine and serious book, which by no means skips the elements of scandal and salacity, Zachary Leader has struck a near-ideal balance between the life and the work, and has traced the filiations between the two without any strain or pretension.

    One Fraught Englishman

  • Or English public schools! imposing the stain of salacity on perfectly decent old English words like “gay”

    Culture War By Proxy

  • To be honest, I think bloggerheadstv is self-indulgent salacity.

    "I like to attack Democrats. He likes to present a united front with Democrats."

  • If you really want to argue about it, shoot me an email so that the other posters don't have to slog through this self-indulgent salacity...

    "I like to attack Democrats. He likes to present a united front with Democrats."

  • She had had no experience with this class of individuals whatsoever, and did not know the salacity and humour of the theatrical tribe.

    Sister Carrie

  • But she said that duty was her watchword when it wasn't salacity and she pursed her lips as her mind contended with Dennis Luxford's recent visit to Baverstock.

    In the Presence of the Enemy

  • There is undeniably a streak of salacity in human nature, and some very eminent men of letters have from time to time, in the intervals of more noble occupation, permitted themselves to express it.



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