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  • n. An engaged column of which only half, or about half, projects horizontally from the surface of a wall.


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  • In the center, from an elaborate base rose a marbled half-column supporting, at eye level, a large, plump cushion of red velvet, on which someone had placed … a peach.

    The Peach

  • The story has, I believe, been told more than once in the newspapers, but, like all such narratives, its effect is much less striking when set forth en bloc in a single half-column of print than when the facts slowly evolve before your own eyes, and the mystery clears gradually away as each new discovery furnishes a step which leads on to the complete truth.

    Sole Music

  • About Printing-house Square, mayhap you may light on an honest man, a squeamish man, a proper moral man, a man that shall talk you Latin by the half-column if you will but hear him.

    The Kickleburys on the Rhine

  • They had printed his picture and a half-column account.


  • In the same deposit, we also unearthed a ca. 0.65 m high limestone half-column, clearly the western post of a window (the roughly carved lower two thirds were joining the wall, but the upper part was freestanding!).

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Macellum Report 3

  • Having read his newspaper through, editorials, cartoons, and war-poems, his eye fell on a half-column headed

    The Beautiful and Damned

  • The object chosen as find of the week is nothing else than an Augustan half-capital with adjoining smooth half-column (see left picture), which must have projected 0.35 m from the antae (projecting side walls) on the front of the pronaos.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Find of the Week 1 - 2008

  • As it is almost excluded that nothing of a potential Augustan peripteros was preserved, one has to reconstruct the Augustan Temple of Apollo Klarios as a simple naos of which the facade of the pronaos was shaped as a pseudo-peripteral naos (this means with attached half-columns instead of free standing ones) with smooth half-columns projecting from the antae and fluted half-column on either side of the door, all columns being crowned by Ionic half-capitals.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Find of the Week 1 - 2008

  • On the left, one of the doorposts attached to a half-column; in the center the still unexcavated encroachment room.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - The Macellum Report 2

  • While the southern portico was an open columnar screen (see Macellum 2007), the eastern portico seems to have been composed of three identical shops, each accessible by a nicely framed doorway attached to a half-column in their middle.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - The Macellum Report 2


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