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  • n. A tone or value halfway between a highlight and a dark shadow.
  • n. A picture in which the gradations of light are obtained by the relative darkness and density of tiny dots produced by photographing the subject through a fine screen.
  • n. A picture made by such a process.
  • n. Music See semitone.

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  • n. Half the interval between two notes on a scale.
  • n. A picture made by using the process of half-toning.
  • v. To reproduce a photograph or other continuous tone image by the use of dots of various sizes.


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  • I chose a medium value paint for all the objects and was thinking "halftone" (the space between light and shadow).

  • By printing the same image four ways -- as a halftone photolithograph, continuous tone photolithograph, photogravure and salt print -- the subtle shifts and changes that occur through these varied processes become evident.

    Jane Chafin: Exit Through the Gift Shop (The Emperor Is Naked)

  • The use of halftone patterns with strong lines around the human form gives one the feeling that they are reading a comic from the time period, but also incorporates digital coloring techniques common today.

    Review: Die Hard: Year One #3 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • A portrait of British model Jean Shrimpton is one of the 36 halftone prints that make up David Bailey's Box of Pin-Ups (1965), a photobook that now sells for between £3,000 and £6,000

    The world's most expensive photography books

  • Once halftone reproduction came along, a lot of artists painted full-color, even though they knew the reproductions would be in black and white.

    Monochromatic Color

  • The 19th century and early 20th centuries saw the invention of several imagemaking technologies, including photography, halftone printing, motion pictures, and television, all of which began in black and white.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • I shot film separations, CMYK, because every photo in every printed piece had to first be converted to a dot pattern (halftone) and the colors separated out for printing in Cyan, Magenta Yellow and Black.

    Charles Karel Bouley: The End of Newsprint, Not Newspapers

  • Tell me, designers, have you ever had to deal with a bitmap file with an unwanted halftone pattern in the background?

    2007 January :

  •  It’s like the artists took real photos, gave them a couple of quick treatments to make it look cartoony, and then added on lots of black ink and a halftone pattern.

    Review: Daredevil Noir #1 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • Prices are in U.S. funds and are as follows: $35 setup fee (to make the plate and halftone based on the photo) and then you must order a minimum of four rolls of perforated toilet paper (each with 500-sheets) for $12 apiece.

    Website puts your ex’s face on toilet paper | Sync Blog


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  • An example of halftoning, from the Wikipedia entry

    September 10, 2007