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  • verb Present participle of hark.


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  • Megabuck luminaries like Ross Perot are called professional “angels,” and independently wealthy founders of start-ups are angels dubbed “49ers”—a term harking back to the gold rush successes in California in the 1849 era.


  • In defence I suppose this problem has not been a fairly new one but is more long term harking back to the 90s if not before.

    Slugger O'Toole

  • To do that takes time, and time is not a luxury available at this moment, about a week after the incident that seems to have destroyed the SSGN Kursk, a proud name harking back to the most decisive land battle of World War II. What is an SSGN?

    On A Sub, There's No Room For Mistakes

  • Well, the idea harking back to 1858, yes, 1858, not 1958, when Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln engaged in a series of historic debates that featured no moderator.

    CNN Transcript Apr 28, 2008

  • SAINT & SINNER WINES - Australian wine producer Saint & Sinner takes a "mature" approach to describing their wines, with labels harking back to phone-booth calling cards.


  • Saint & Sinner takes a 'mature' approach to describing their wines, with labels harking back to phone booth calling cards - so, Mistress Pinot Gris is described as alluring and assertive, a cheeky twist on the wine's qualities.

  • Often during this visit they would have games at "harking," as they called it; for they said, "We may as well hear as much as we can, as our father and uncle and aunts did when they were children."

    Woodside or, Look, Listen, and Learn.

  • There was, indeed, a very pathetic kind of harking back on the might-have - beens when I talked with him on this subject.

    Robert Louis Stevenson: a record, an estimate, and a memorial

  • But the results of his experiments led to a totally different kind of harking back for Baltar.

    Blogposts |

  • So Giulietta it is: a classic name harking back to the gorgeous coupe/saloon/convertible launched in 1954 (and, to a lesser extent, the somewhat less gorgeous saloon of the late

    BBC TopGear: Cars and Autos News


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  • –verb (used without object)

    1. to listen attentively; hearken.

    May 16, 2009