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  • adj. Alternative form of harmonic.

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  • Same as harmonic.

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  • adj. involving or characterized by harmony


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  • But the secret and symbolical hint was the harmonical nature of the soul; which, delivered from the body, went again to enjoy the primitive harmony of heaven, from whence it first descended; which, according to its progress traced by antiquity, came down by Cancer, and ascended by

    Hydriotaphia, or Urn-burial

  • I will not say, with Plato, the soul is an harmony, but harmonical, and hath its nearest sympathy unto musick: thus some, whose temper of body agrees, and humours the constitution of

    Religio Medici

  • There is a sister science of harmonical motion, adapted to the ear as astronomy is to the eye, and there may be other applications also.

    The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett

  • And being composed of the same, the other, and the essence, these three, and also divided and bound in harmonical proportion, and revolving within herself — the soul when touching anything which has essence, whether divided or undivided, is stirred to utter the sameness or diversity of that and some other thing, and to tell how and when and where individuals are affected or related, whether in the world of change or of essence.


  • The phenomena of medical cupping-glasses and of the swallowing of drink and of the projection of bodies, whether discharged in the air or bowled along the ground, are to be investigated on a similar principle; and swift and slow sounds, which appear to be high and low, and are sometimes discordant on account of their inequality, and then again harmonical on account of the equality of the motion which they excite in us.


  • Uniting with the ever-flowing current, they shake the courses of the soul, stopping the revolution of the same and twisting in all sorts of ways the nature of the other, and the harmonical ratios of twos and threes and the mean terms which connect them, until the circles are bent and disordered and their motion becomes irregular.


  • Stupid harmonical scales, touching human voices filled with emotion and heart - who needs em!

    Why records are getting louder

  • The Dead have several songs about an if not glorified then harmonical-romantic past.

    Sven Bachmann Essay

  • For things become geometrical by the accession of magnitude to quantity; solid, by the accession of profundity to magnitude; astronomical, by the accession of motion to solidity; harmonical, by the accession of sound to motion.

    Essays and Miscellanies

  • The action of the auricles is synchronous; that of the ventricles is the same; that of the auricles and ventricles is consentaneous; and that of the whole heart is rhythmical, or harmonious -- the diastole of the auricles occurring in harmonical time with the systole of the ventricles, and vice versa.

    Surgical Anatomy


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