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  • n. The circulatory fluid of certain invertebrates, analogous to blood in arthropods and to lymph in other invertebrates.

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  • n. A circulating fluid in the bodies of some invertebrates that is the equivalent of blood.

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  • n. The nutritive fluid, comparable to blood or lymph, which occupies the body-cavity of some invertebrates, as polyzoans.
  • n. The blood and the lymph considered together.


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  • Instead, the insects blood, called hemolymph, flows almost freely throughout the body.

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  • Instead of red pigmented blood, they prefer clear, yellowish fluid called hemolymph that flow over within the body cavity.

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  • I'm not sure about the veins, which are hollow and contain hemolymph.

    Clearwing moth from the sidewalk

  • Most crustaceans have a dorsal heart, but some smaller crustaceans simply circulate their hemolymph with body movements.


  • The hemolymph deposits these wastes in the excretory tubule as insoluble crystals.


  • The hemolymph circulates through the hemocoel by body movements.


  • Undigested food accumulates in the midgut and is absorbed by the hemolymph.


  • All organ systems are found in the hemocoel and are bathed in hemolymph.


  • In places where this insect has displaced native populations, the alkaloid-covered shell and habit of releasing hemolymph (insect blood) when frightened is such that even a few per standard 280-gallon (1000-litre) bin will produce a recognizable off-flavour.

    Biological Control May Beget Exotic Invaders

  • It has been found that the hemolymph of a particular insect can be partially vitrified at cooling rates that are likely to occur in nature.

    Archive 2004-09-01


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  • She was to the eye a delighter,

    To hot-blooded youth an exciter,

    But cold hemolymph

    Filled veins of that nymph

    And no ardent boy could ignite her.

    October 15, 2016