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  • n. The doctrine of the Hesychasts, a doctrine closely akin to that of the Quietists of later times. See Hesychast.


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  • Indeed, this is precisely the core of the Orthodox tradition of prayer that's called hesychasm.

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  • Although hesychasm is commonly but misleadingly used to describe various currents of 14th-century spirituality, it became a social and political phenomenon when it was drawn into the civil wars of the period.


  • In spite of the fact that the Antikollyvades by far outnumbered the Kollyvades and engaged in a systematic persecution of them, not only did they fail to frustrate the latter's effort, but they in fact contributed to the spreading of their spirit in Greece and in the other Orthodox countries (Transdanubian regions, Russia, etc). to the Kollyvades is owed the rebirth of hesychasm in the nineteenth century.


  • Using the scholarly methods of the time (composing writings), they first of all revealed the continuity of hesychasm on the Holy Mountain Athos, and at the same time remained faithful not only to the theoretical formulation of the hesychastic-Palamite theology, but also to its practical applications, i.e. the whole spectrum of the ascetic experience.


  • The rediscovery of the hesychasm of the fourteenth century, and chiefly of its champion St. Gregory Palamas (d. 1357), was a accomplished thanks to the seeds that the Kollyvades of the eighteenth century sowed.


  • [2] Since St Gregory Palamas was the great defender of the Eastern spiritual experience, hesychasm, it is understandable why this celebration is seen as a continuation of the triumph of orthodoxy.

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  • He became a monk at Mt Athos, where he learned and practiced the rigorous spiritual discipline advanced by its leaders - hesychasm.

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  • It is important to note the importance of St Maximus the Confessor in the hesychast tradition, for his exploration on the question of Jesus 'human and divine energies is the dogmatic ground by which hesychasm was able to establish itself as an authentic witness of the Christian faith.

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  • As an Eastern, I come to this text with a theological tradition which Tolkien was not entirely familiar with, and yet one which seems too similar to what Tolkien wrote here to ignore: that of hesychasm and its notion of the uncreated energy of God.

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  • (and Barlaam's supporters) on the nature of hesychasm, proclaiming not only our ability to experience God in our lives, but to know God through that experience.

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