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  • n. A sacred marriage.


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  • The more erotic the Song of Songs, the better its candidacy for allegorical interpretation as a myth of hierogamy between divine and human partners.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • n early Neolithic mythology, the harvest was seen as the fruit of a hierogamy, a sacred marriage: the soil was female; the seeds divine semen; and rain the sexual congress of heaven and earth.

    Myths and Scottish Fairies

  • The overall legend also has elements of hierogamy Cathbad telling Nessa that if she has sex with him, their child will be great, and in fact the child is the greatest king in Ulster’s history and many other sexual themes that might be frowned ontoday.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Another Quote from a Child Custody Case,

  • I think alchemy does this to me to, but I don’t have to write about it, so maybe its actually Jung’s writing on alchemical hierogamy that’s doing it to me, my bif novel does it to me because there’s too much world building and I worry about stuffing up the details and being inconsistent so, afraid to fail, I do nothing except write comments on other peoples blogs.

    The Material | Goblin Mercantile Exchange


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  • "The union in the here and now becomes hieroghamic on The Sweets of Sin, Professor Jones said, though the oghamic script is here substituted for by the simple and modified Irish characters..."

    The House of Ulysses by Julián Ríos, translated by Nick Caistor, p 251

    December 27, 2010