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  • v. To draw close to a destination, especially using radar; (of a guided misslie) to move towards a target.
  • v. To focus or narrow down to something; to find, draw closer or move towards, as by trial and error or a gradual seeking process.


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  • Twenty miles on, Telzey checked the time again, set the Cloudsplitter to home in on one of Orado City’s major traffic arteries, and released its controls.

    The Complete Federation Of The Hub

  • HARMS: antiradiation missiles that home in on radar sites.

    Terror At Dawn

  • She could weave illusions of money to get a hotel room, but the Vrekeners would just home in on her sorcery.

    Kiss of a Demon King

  • Surely, Mogad or one of his subordinates would try to home in on his voice.


  • Each one carried missiles that would home in on the shore-site radar signals.

    Terror At Dawn

  • They also backtrack and home in on missile launch sites and artillery.

    I Don’t Understand ?


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